Join Our Wine Club Family Today!

  • No membership fees, just great benefits!
  • Shipments of award winning, newly released, and vineyard designate, Estate wines from Alexander Valley
  • Access to limited production, library and wine club only offerings
  • Discounts on wine and merchandise purchases
  • Discounts on Lodging
  • Notification of new releases, low inventory wines, futures, accolades of awards & upcoming events
  • Complimentary tastings & purchase discounts at Mazzocco, Matrix, Wilson, Jaxon Keys, Soda Rock, Pezzi King, St. Anne’s Crossing & Greenwood Ridge.
  • Access to winery facility, picnics and music events
  • Invitations to member only events

Artisan Club

  • 12 bottles, 3x per year
  • 25% discount for ship-to members
  • 30% discount for pick-up members
  • Complimentary Shipping for life
  • Shipments: March, September, December
  • Wine Selection: Fully Customize from our Reserve Collection

Vineyard Club

  • 12 bottles, 4x per year @ 25% discount
  • $5 Shipping for life
  • Shipments: February, May, September, December
  • Wine Selection: Red Only or Mixed

Cellar Club

  • 12 bottles, 2x per year @ 25% discount
  • Shipments: March & November
  • Wine Selection: Red Only, Zin/Primo Only, Mixed

Cask Club

  • 6 bottles, 2x per year @ 20% discount
  • Wine Selection: Red Only, Zin/Primo Only, Mixed

Barrel Club

  • 3 bottles, 4x per year @ 15% discount
  • Shipments: February, May, September & December
  • Wine Selection: Red Only or Mixed